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The Denim Guide is a guide for the denim enthusiast inside all of us. It is a compilation of denim information, shopping secrets and timeless styling tips that will keep you looking good this season and in all the seasons to come. We will help you find the best fit for your body and teach you how to keep that perfect pair looking like new. So get comfortable - whether you are wearing classic Levi’s or the latest from Current/Elliott - and get ready for all things denim.

The 10 Little Ways the Denim Guide Will Change Your Life

  • Be in the know of all the classic denim styles and up to date on all of our favorite trends.
  • You will know exactly how to rock your jeans, whether they are blue, black, white or patterned.
  • By following our Care Tips, your jeans will last last longer and will always look their best.
  • Studding your own jeans will make you tough and trendy without breaking the bank.
  • Everyone will want to shop with you for your expert advice.
  • When someone asks what denim is or where it comes from, you will have the answer.
  • You will save time in the dressing room because you will know the difference between a peg leg and a straight leg
  • You will be able to style that denim vest and chambray shirt to perfection.
  • Never again will you be caught overpaying for a pair of jeans just because they have a designer label.
  • Get inspired and be opened up to a whole new world of denim possibilities.
  • And most importantly, you will now be able to find the perfect fitting pair of jeans.

The Denim Guide covers everything you need to know about denim. It is the perfect supplement to DenimBlog, offering a fit guide and timeless styling tips. The Denim Guide covers the ins and outs of what’s in and what’s out, modeling your favorite styles from elegant leather pants to your oldest pair of cut-off jean shorts. Learn to lavish yourself with the most difficult trends like printed denim, vests and overalls. We also cover all the technicalities of size, cut, and fit so shopping for jeans can be fun and easy.

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DenimBlog was started as a forum where people could discuss designer jeans. Over the past 8 years, it has grown into a great community and is the go-to denim website for fashion lovers everywhere. The site is focused on making designer jeans accessible and on exhibiting all of the newest and most popular styles and looks. We share our DIY experiences, give you our behind-the-scenes access to events, review the hottest styles, introduce new looks, and post our favorite sightings of celebrities in denim.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy this ebook?

Denim is an essential part of every person’s wardrobe, and there is nothing better - or more versatile - than a perfect pair of jeans. The Denim Guide is full of fun facts and tips to help you find that perfect pair. It differs from fashion magazines in the fact that the information we are sharing is timeless and not just focused on the ever-changing trends of the season. This book is an investment for your fashionable future.

What is this ebook about?

Put simply, this book is about denim. Where to buy it, how to wear it, and everything else you could ever want to know about the iconic clothing item. We cover its past and its journey into the present, offering timeless tips and inspiration for your own look and wardrobe.

What will I get out of this book?

The Denim Guide will give you a behind the scenes look at the most popular clothing item ever invented. It has been compiled by a group of denim experts and enthusiasts who are now sharing everything that they have learned. Not only will it keep you in the loop of the hottest brands and styles, but we will help you save money on the designer jeans you covet and also teach you how to transform your old jeans into something new and fresh. It is a treasure trove that will help you look your best, feel confident and become a denim expert yourself.

Why is this ebook different from all the others?

So many fashion focused publications are all about trends. The problem with this is that just like parachute pants and fanny packs, they fade away and lose their importance. The Denim Guide is a timeless manual that is full of important information like fit, care, and shopping tips that will always be relevant, regardless of if you are wearing bell bottoms or boyfriend jeans.

What if I don’t like jeans?

If you don’t like jeans, then you probably just haven’t found the right pair yet. We can help you do that. Denim is for everyone and its possibilities truly are endless. The Denim Guide will make you realize what you have been missing out on and will help you fall in love with jeans just like we all have.

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