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Reviews by: Dave

classic bomber skate shoe


Pros: great shoe, good price, great quality

These eS shoes are great.  Just a bomber skate shoe.  They make them in about a million colors as well.   When you hold the shoe in your hand you can feel the huge tongue.  And the quality sides to the shoe as well.     I recommend pairing this shoe with a pair of Spenco insoles.  It makes the shoe 2x as good.

Comfortable shoes - not the best leather


Pros: finally, comfortable dress shoes, pretty waterproof

Cons: crap leather, could be higher quality

Its hard as hell to find comfortable dress shoes.  Most of the good dress shoes out there look nice but kill your feet.     These rockports are pretty impressively comfortable (for a dress shoe).  They look nice and shiny and have a good point to the toe.   The bad thing about them is that the leather quality isn't that great.  After a few months, the front part of the shoe where you bend your toe starts to develop lines and wrinkes.   I would still recommend them to somebody looking to find a good comforable pair of dress shoes.  Also feel free to contact me if you are able to find something this nice looking that is even more comfy.

Go hiking, and then make it to a meeting


Pros: great for running around in

Cons: a little pricey

These shoes are pretty awesome.  They work as both a dressy shoe, and they are also great to go hiking and travel in.  I have worn these to meetings as well as to go rock climbing.     They have impressive soles that seem like they aren't going to last long- however the rubber is actually quite high quality.  I would recommend these shoes to pretty much any guy that wants something really versatile.
DenimBlog.com › Dave › Reviews by Dave