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discount's 20%. twice a year it's 40%
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Originally Posted by dchea2 View Post
i know someone who works at nords..she gets 20% most of the time and there are, i guess "events," where the employees get 30 or 40% off w/restrictions (i.e., certain brands, online and/or in-store only, etc.)
my cousin and some of her friends used to work at nordstrom. she loved the discount. they've even gotten free jeans and shoes before!

how much they make really depends... i can't remember the percentage for each dept., but it does vary. i remember talking to someone who worked in tbd/savvy and she said that on a normal day, she could make around $15/hour, and even more on weekends or really busy days. she only worked part-time, about 20 hours a week, while going to school. i think their base pay was around $10/hour or so... can't remember. for retail, i think nordstrom would be a great part-time job. the pay better than most retail places around here. most stores will pay around $8 or $9 an hour starting wage (no commission)

i've worked retail for years in high school/college, and honestly, i would never do it as a career... i'm just not cut out for it, i guess.
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I don't think I would either. First off, my parents would kill me b/c they paid for my college education. Second, I have a job, but sometimes I just have bad days and can't deal with it anymore.....that was when I posted this. lol.
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yeah at nordstrom the discount is 20% but twice a year it's 40% on like "nordstrom brands" only...i guess good if you buy BP brand stuff, not if you want to buy the real stuff, and by the way it is always like a month after all the seasonal employees leave. why does commission retail suck? let me count the ways, backstabbing co-workers, managers who favor the top sellers even if they are dishonest or steal other people's customers, pushy customers (i've had some scream at me before, for no reason), the fact that returns can basically make your entire paycheck vanish, long irregular hours (i had 2 days off in a row maybe...twice the entire 4 months i worked there, so forget about having anything resembling a real weekend), working saturday nights till 10pm, oh and i forgot, people have figured out a way to steal things that end up killing an employee's commission...

...and i could go on and on and on! i work retail now at a small independent store and i love it, i basically chill out all day with my laptop and help customers when they come in. the thought of going back to nordstrom makes me want to vom, even if the money was occasionally good.
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^^ thanks for putting that into perspective. haha no nordstrom for me.
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yeah, I mean, not going to lie, I made good $, during the semi-annual sale (the busiest time) I probably made $1000/week (but I was working way more than 40 hours keep that in mind) but that's a lot better than any other job or internship I'd had before. If it hadn't been for the good $ I probably would have quit, in fact I just got out of there as soon as I could
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Can straight guys work there?: P
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Originally Posted by ASilverFire614 View Post

Originally Posted by MiztaMike View Post
I think I heard somewhere that some of the guys selling suits @ neimans have made triple digits ... so I guess that could apply to Nordstrom?
Neiman Marcus carries a much finer selection of apparel than Nordstrom, and they pride themselves as being more elite. Statistics say that only 1% of the population can really afford to shop @ NM. I am pretty sure NM's salespeople make substantially more.

Okay, not to turn this into a Nordstrom vs. Neiman Marcus debate, but I just have to say that this assertion is not only factually incorrect, but also makes no logical sense. For the most part, Nordstrom carries the same brands and buys from the same designers as Neiman. The only reason Neiman considers themselves more "elite" is because they don't also carry merchandise with a lower price point the same way that Nordstrom does. Also because they make themselves even more inaccessible to potential customers by only accepting their own charge card, Amex and cash as forms of payment. Additionally, if statistics say that only 1% of the population can afford to shop at Neiman, then Neiman sellers are only seeing money from that 1% of the population. Since more people are undoubtedly shopping at Nordstrom, it stands to reason that Nordstrom sellers see more money. It's just simply not the case that all the wealthiest of the wealthy shop exclusively with Neiman and therefore sellers there make the most money. More people make more money at Nordstrom, and that is a fact.

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um nice necropost on a nearly 5 y/o thread

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Regarding the response that statistice say only 1 percent of the population can really afford to shop at NM, I am guessing NM salepeople are NOT making substatially more.  

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Originally Posted by feifei87 View Post

discount's 20%. twice a year it's 40%

Wow.. Lame.. lol

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