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So who here has Sugarplum As?

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Seems like so many people here have them....want to know who is part of the club. (Also, anyone have a size 27 and is willing to sell or trade for a 28?)
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me! i have a size 26. i LOVE them but i cant bear to wear them out. they're toooooo pretty. i havent even gotten them hemmed! =/
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I do! THey are 28 but I need every inch of that 28" waist! Sorry about that!
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I am a brand new owner of a pair! I love them! I hope you can find a pair, (mine are 29 so I can't help you there!) because they are truly gorgeous! I wish sfam would rerelease them or something. I don't care that they are rare so much as they are the prettiest crystalized ones I've seen.
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I have a sz 27 I will let you know if this butt gets any bigger cause I am borderline a button pop j/k but serious
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I think this should be the official sugarplum club! Here are my pics

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/\Tiffany, your body is amazing. i need to constantly look at pics of you as incentive to lose all this weight.

btw, i am a sugarplum owner too....size 30 and hoping to find a 29 someday
Rhorho, where did you get your 29's from?
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I had sugars . sniff.. They just didnt look right on me

tiff is hot
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awww thanks guys but I actually look alot thinner in picture than I do irl
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Where in the world did your lovely ass go?
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Originally Posted by Lizgh View Post
Where in the world did your lovely ass go?

lol Oh it is still there strange pose in photo
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I'm in the club Tiff you look great girl!
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Oh Tiffany, I hope you gain weight...j/k! But if you do, I have a pair of 28s I'd surely trade!! Unfortunately for me you look fantastic in those 27s!!
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oh oh oh...me also in the club. I have size 27...brand new with tags and size sticker I just can't get myself to wear them yet...someday when Dissociated re-associates with reality.

Tiff is seriously smoking in her sugars. I swear I'm going to make you my desktop wallpaper!
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I can't seem to find them I need a 26
I have to agree, Tiffany looks awesome in them..
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Jennifer, I got mine on ebay. They were there for almost a week before I broke down! The reson no one else jumped on them was the fact that the inseam was 28.5! I will def be on the lookout for another 29 for you!
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Wow, dissociated - I am envious of your ability to get these rare puppies - considering I bought the 28s from you! If you EVER decide to sell, let me know - I'm willing to pay top dollar!
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I'm in the club! Tiff you're inspirational to me as well to lose weight! You look great
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I get to join because I bought Tiffany's older pair

And I actually did wear them once, to a Blue Man Group show, but I only had them on for like two or three hours.
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I'm a part of the club! I bought mine NWOT for $100 shipped to Canada on eBay. Seller didn't know the worth of the jeans! Fits me like a glove in sz 27. Good luck sailornep5, you will find a pair!
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