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StriVectin for Wrinkles

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Does any one use Strivectin for wrinkles, be it under eye, crows feet or forhead. I'm going to be 33 in August and have noticed them starting to show up under my eyes. I'm also a stomach sleeper and avidly trying to change that as I feel it causes them or at the very least enhances them.

I'm strongly considering shelling out the money for Strivectin before I go down the botox route..LOL

I've always used Nutriminc by Arbonne as I prefer to use more "all natural" things..I'm not dissatisfied w/it..I just want some "improvement".

Any ideas..on good creams or Strivectin?

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Dermaglow Nuvectin is the Canadian version and it's aaaamaaazing, I used to sell the whole line as a Cosmetician. Seriously buy into Strivectin, you won't regret it, but make sure you use it religiously 2-3 times daily. They are pretty much the same product. It smooths wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles, regenerates the skins upper layers by stimulating collagen production, and thickens the skin so they are less visible. My mother uses the whole line and I see the difference, my word!

I suggest using the eye cream along with the face. The results are incredible! Here's the type of results you can expect to see in the eye cream, maybe try that first to see if you like it, it's so multi purpose!

36% Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles around eyes
45% Less deep wrinkles
35% Reduction dark circles
32% Reduction under-eye bags
Also, enhances firmness to reduce slackening of delicate skin

If you have any questions let me know!

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Wow!! That was a great plug..u should be a spokesmodel

Just hearing that was enough to sell me...LOL

I am so religious about my facial routine so regular won't be a problem for me.

If I have an questions after I get it I'll definately PM you. Thanks so much for responding to my thread!!!
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Anytime, my pleasure! Good luck, and definitely PM me if you have any questions!
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