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Do flynts run small?

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A 29 measured 14.5 waist and 17 hips, isnt that a size 27. I would need a 31 in flynts I think.
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^ Sounds like someone mismeasured, or they are a style that runs huge. What style is it?
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Looked like china flynts. A 29 s/b 16 waist 19 hips.
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I think the seller measured wrong, or the jeans were taken in. No way is a regular 29 a 14.5" waist.
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^^Agree & I had size up 1 for the Chinas.
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I sized up 1 for Chinas too but I think I should've stayed in my size. They are too big after I wear them 3-4 hours. If you're a small 27, you should order your size. Biggish 27 might want to size up 1 to a 28. I have a pair I'd sell you cheep.... I'm just not wearing them anymore sadly.
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