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saggy stretched skin

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ok, we all get muffin top from time to time, but i've lost some wieght and its all gone from my thighs and ribcage but my waist and hips are still there and very bulgy! is there any way to help this? My boyfriend says that this area is always the last to go, but i fear my skin has been stretched and shrunken so many times that it'll just hang like that forever, but i'm only 25 and had no kids. how to folk who have babies deal with the loose skin?
Are there any truly firming creams/oils out there or is surgery my only option?
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I lost alot of weight and have alot of loose skin, especially in my tummy area. Even exercising doesn't help. Plastic surgery is what I need.
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Since you're young and haven't had kids I wouldn't worry too much. Really watch your diet and you should have sucess. Unless you lost a bunch of weight, like 40 or 50 pounds. Then the skin might not get back to where you want it.
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