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Chanel Wallet Hunt

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Okay ladies, I am on a mission to find this wallet! Can anybody help me please?!!
I am from Canada, and there no other stores besides Holt Renfrew that sells Chanel.. Do you know any online sites or anybody that I can buy from, for this wallet? I am specificially looking for this chanel cambon in black with the white cc's and hot pink interior.

Also, do you know the retail price, or somewhere I can get it discounted??

(This picture was stolen from purseforum)

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I was specifically shopping for Chanels today. I saw the one you wanted. Are you willing to pay retail? I wanted the exact same as you, except now I'm steering towards the black patent CC on black.

I believe the retail is $595? Something in the late $500's.
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holy the retail is soo high!
I don't know if I am willing to pay retail, i'm debating whether if it's worth it or not.
After christmas, the currency from us to canada went up again =( sp I don't know if it's a good time to buy it or not.

Is there any other stores in US that sells chanel? like used??
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I don't know of any stores that sell used Chanel. I would just pay retail for it from a dept. store like NM or Saks or the Chanel boutique rather than take a chance buying it on eBay since there is sooo much fake Chanel Cambon.
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there aren't any authorized retailers that can sell Chanel online. if you can locate a department store that sells Chanel or Chanel boutique, give them a call.

as for finding this wallet below retail... there's not much choice but to check ebay or consignment shops. but if you're unsure about authenticity, i wouldn't go that route. of course, many ladies on PF are very knowledgeable and know their stuff. you can always post authenticity questions there.
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your in Calgary? (cowboys, cowgirls.. haha).. there's a Chanel store here in Vancouver... the next closest chanel retailer I think would be Montreal or Toronto. Maybe you can check those stores too and see if its available. Price wise however, I'd head to the states.
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I am getting better at authenticating chanel cambons with the cc's, but it's just ebay NEVER has the one I want.. I check like literally everyday.. boo!

Yah, I'm from Calgary hehe.. Maybe I will come during the summer.. HOPEFULLY they still have some..

Thanks for all your help ladies!!
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