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Coach Keychain - Real?

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Hello Ladies,

I know nothing about these things, but my mom told me she wants one of these so I would like to get it for her for her birthday. How do i tell if these things are real or not?


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I think keychains are really hard to tell in pictures... I think the real ones are probably nickel and maybe fakes ones would some cheap painted metal... but I don't know how to tell in a pic. The seller's other items look like real coach IMO and they do say they offer a coach gift receipt so they are probably safe. It looks like their items come from the coach outlet since I see "Coach factory" on the tags and a bullseye stamp in one of the bags. If you are near an outlet I think they have different multicharm keychains for $39, but I don't know if they would have this particular one.
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Her other coach stuff is real, IMO. They have the bullet stamped in, which means that they came the outlet. They actually do not have this one on coach.com ( I just looked). I am not too sure if the keychain is real, but her other coach stuff is. I wish I could be more help
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Thanks for the help. My mom told me it is an older model and knows it is not available in stores anymore. I guess I will go for this one. Thanks!
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