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Help choosing shoes...

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i just wondering what you guys think about these, loafers or the boots? the dark ones.

or what about this model? o_0
(sry for posting links) ^_^

Palladium 'Berlin' Boot - Men's Shoes - Nordstrom.com
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like the first ones...the other 2 are a no go
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i like both the boots but not the loafers.

if you like the palladium boots, have you thought of blundstones? rugged aussie boots.
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ehm. no actually i havent, im gonna check them out!

thx for noticing my post! ^_^
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aah, i actually decided to order a pair of the first boots in brown, so what i did was that i checked half an hour ago they were in stock.., no problem i thought... but now when i looked they were all sold out..!?

sh*t and i who wanted those so badly!

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I think the 1st ones the best. The 2nd ones are okay and the last ones are dnmsaa.
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i love the palladiums!

what is dnmsaa??
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yeah i also need to know what that means..?! :/
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