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umm that depends on if i really like the girl or not and want to pursue her..

but as of now.. i'm just having fun with whatever happens so..

NO title

apple or PC?
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palm treo or blackberry
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snowboarding or skiing?
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orange juice or fruit punch?
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Originally Posted by babieejae1101 View Post

dress shoes or sneakers?

Blasphemy. http://www.accesswave.ca/~rclancey/black-tom.jpg

orange juice or fruit punch? OJ

Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm

I should have been in bed 30 minutes ago
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Ice Cream or frozen yogurt
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ice cream (even though im a lactard)

stay up late or wake up early?
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stay up late

christmas or birthday? (sorry if this has been posted i havent read through them all)
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birthday..only b/c I don't get to celebrate christmas. *bummer*

work or school
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bourbon or scotch?
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Pepsi or Coke?
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mcsteamy or mcdreamy?
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ipod or zen?
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chipotle or taco bell?
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CHIPOTLE, taco bell is dogshit!

Diesel or Rock and Republic?
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football or hockey?
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Cardinals or Cubs?
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ewwwww. i hate both lol i'm more of a white sox fan..

but if i had to pick.. CUBS. i don't care if the cardinals just won the world series lol

pepperoni or sausage pizza?
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Sausage pizza......

Ellen or Oprah
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mosquito bite or bee sting?
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Keira Knightley or Natalie Portman?
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natalie portman

butter or margarine?
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Grace Kelly

Yankees or Mets?
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double post
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^^^^^ Barf neither, but for the sake of keeping the game alive I guess the Mets.

relationship or single?
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