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Pulp Fiction or Fight Club?
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Fight Club-- based on a book by my favorite author!

Authentic Forum or Honest Forum? HAHAHA
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no way.. RHETT all the way!!!
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I agree. He was a REAL man. Ashley was a pushover.
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so true amor so true.. Rhett knew how to take what he wanted.. sigh

ok back to the game
I am on HF a whole lot more

sheets silk or cotton
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Heh JD... I'm Amor... Libby is a totally different person. I thought you'd gotten mixed up in another thread but then I wasn't sure if you meant me or not!


Here is the REAL hard one...

Mr Darcy or Rhett Butler
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Amor i knew that sorry girl its super late and i am distracted

i still say rhett
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No worries at all hon.

I think you're wrong.. Mr Darcy was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better. The Colin Firth version that is... the one in the movie with kiera knightley was crap.
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China or Taiwan
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Oh you've opened a whole can of worms there... some would argue that they are one and the same!
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I will give you that he is soooo hot but this southern belle has a weakness for GWTW and all things Rhett.. mmm
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I think I killed the thread. Here's an injection.


Superman or Batman?
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Batman because Superman's sorta fat.

Bong or bowl?
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<---- Batman of course!!!!!

Truth or Dare?

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DARE! (so long as it doesn't degrade me in any way lol)

pancakes or french toast?
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zalazane or black tom cassidy?

yeah I didn't know who Ashley and Rhett was so I picked the girl's name.
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dress shoes or sneakers?
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dress shoes

Gummy Bears or Skittles
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Gummi Bears.

Buddhist or Taoist?
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i'm neither..

movies or music?
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standing or sitting?
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rough or gentle? ya'll know what I'm talking about. . .
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desktop or laptop?
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FRIENDS or Will & Grace? lols
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title or no title?
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