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help me find this gucci?

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eBay.ca: GUCCI BLACK GG SUEDE AND BLACK LEATHER TOTE (item 150082038345 end time 17-Jan-07 15:21:42 EST)

Okay here's what happened. It was listed a little while ago. I planned to buy it after I got paid, but someone got it before me. Fine. I e-mailed the seller and asked her if she had any similar ones and she had the exact same one that she was going to list last night. I asked her a question about shipping (since I'm in Canada). I checked the reply just now and then went to purchase it, but someone had ALREADY! purchased it.

I am in love with this bag, and have been for quite some time. Has anybody seen it anymore? I don't think I'd pay more than $700 US, but even if it is above that, please let me know.

It has become my new obsession.
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aww sorry about that =((

I have no idea where to find it but that is a gorgeous purse!!
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Aw does she have another? haha

I'll keep an eye out!
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gucci, they have so many styles and they stop making them so fast, it's so hard to find some of them so sad.
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