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Designer makeup..Thoughts???

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I spent over $200 today on makeup from Chanel and Trish McEvoy. I usually buy the cheaper stuff from estee lauder, mac. etc. But I wanted to see what these were like. I bought powder and mascara from chanel. And foundation, bronzer, 2 lipsticks, and perfume(trish), from trish. I love makeup but I feel like the cheaper stuff doesn't last long. Here's hoping this stuff is worth it. Anyone try designer makeup? What do you think?
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Good lines to buy from. Laura Mercier is also awesome. I think they really are better. No one has better lipstick shades than Chanel and nail polish. I <3 Stila's eye shadows and Chanel and Laura Mercier are the only lines I use for Foundation. Clarins and Philosophy for skincare, yea I am addicted....
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Laura Mercier IS great. I like to use her eyeshadows as liners....I have 4 or 5...They last all day and do not budge.
However, there's a lot of drugstore stuff I love. Rimmel Extra Super Lash mascara is great for example! And you should hear the way the women over at MakeupAlley rave about WET AND WILD!
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The drugstore eyeshadows tend to cause a burning sensation on my eyelids...
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Well...I gave up on drugstore stuff many years ago...its all professional quality makeup for me

One of the higher end items I ever purchased was returned very quickly. I ordered a Givenchy eyeshadow pallete thinking it would be the best thing ever. It was such a disappointment! Itty-bity little quad and the colors weren't anything special. I thought for the expense they would be amazing. Sent it back and bought some Nars and Smashbox
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I have the Chanel compact face powder, eyeshadow and lip glosses and I like them... but for what I paid... I prefer to go to Sephora and get their brand and bare minerals.... oh i also like Nars for lipsticks and lip glosses.
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I love designer makeup- it is all I use.
I could never go back lol!

Did you get the Inimitable mascara from Chanel? It is one of my favs, second to DiorShow.
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I did get the Inimitable and LOVE it. But I have been alternating that and Prescriptives False Lashes, I got kinda hooked on that one again.

Fuuny thing though, this morning I used Stila's Major Lash, and hated it, not enough Oomph or anything compared to the others. It used to be my FAV big time!
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Originally Posted by sammiekat View Post
I love designer makeup- it is all I use.
I could never go back lol!

Did you get the Inimitable mascara from Chanel? It is one of my favs, second to DiorShow.
The were out so I got the Cils one. Next time I'll get the Inimitable. I put on all my make up today and my face looked great. They gave me a sample of a moisturizer from Chanel, I think i am going to have to buy it. It smells and makes your skin look great. Oh and the perfume Trish smells so good it's my fave right now.
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I really go for products based on their performance and color. I have alot of lipsticks/glosses from mac, chanel, nars for their unique colors. I have tried many high end mascara brands and keep going back to cheap covergirl. I use Revlon foundation cause they make colors that closely match my skin without making it look cakey. Really good site for product reviews is MakeupAlley I Street Smart Beauty!. I find it saves me money.
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I don't buy drugstore makeup, but I don't buy the most expensive designer makeup either. Right now, most of my makeup is Bare Minerals and the mascara I use is DiorShow (love it!) I also have some other brands mixed in - nars orgasm blush, lancome Juicy Gelee lip gloss. I have some MAC, but don't use it as much anymore b/c the eye shadows seemed to break apart easily.
I have never tried a drugstore mascara that didn't make my lashes clump, so its def. worth the money for me. I always wonder, do people just like Wet and Wild b/c its cheap and they've never used high end makeup?
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I just find it interesting how diverse everyone is in their MU preferences. Other than Max Factor's Lash Perfection mascara, I don't do drugstore MU.

A coupla years ago, we drove from VA down to Hilton Head. About an hour into the trip I realized that my ENTIRE Toiletry Bag was sitting on the floor in my bathroom. I am talking hair, face, toothbrush, deodarant, EVERYTHING. I didn't want to add another 2 hours to our 8 hour trip, so I said lets keep going I would get some stuff at K-mart. Needless to say, $60 later the crap was hardly worth anything after that trip. The eyeshadow wasn't very pigmented, the powder foundation didn't sit well, it was all just frustrating.

I would be open to shopping at the drugstore, if it worked for me, but it doesn't.
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I just got Milani Luminous blush today for $2 at CVS and it is better than my Nars Orgasm blush...just a heads up!
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I think its sort of random - it depends on personal preference and what your skin needs.

I don't consider Estee lauder and MAC "cheap stuff" though. I am all across the board with makeup using Laura Mercier, Bare Escentuals, DiorShow, Mac shadows, Stila shadows, various Smashbox, various Benefit, some Clinique too. I have tried some Chanel concealer and man, it stayed on ALL day, but I couldn't justify the price personally.

SOME drugstore items are good, like the MaxFactor Lash Perfection, Maybelline brow powder, Loreal Voluminous etc. I hate the fact that I can't try on and cant really test out the product. Usually when I buy drugstore, I am not happy and its just a waste of money for me.
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You get what you pay for when it comes to makeup imo...better quality, longer wear etc. I think you made good purchase choices, besides why not spend the extra money for better products it is going on your face after all....
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