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I din't find "Celebs in denim" thread, so I put it here. George Michael in Diesels in Prague







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I'm gonna venture a guess and say zatiny 8QL. They are def bootcuts, u can tell by the way go over the trainers.
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They are Viker or Zathan 8B9


also comes in Safado, Thanaz, Darron, Thavar

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I would guess it's Viker... Leg opening isn't so big as in Zatiny or even Zathan

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Yeah I figured Viker but for some reason I originally thought Zathan. I think it was from the suggestion above my answer.

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Thanaz 8B2

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Can anyone give me some real life opinions on those thanaz 8b2

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Koolter 8b2

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Can anyone help ID this pair?



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Hi there, can someone help me ID this pair of Diesel?  Got this from a vintage place, and the "marks from the pockets" are shown on the outside.  Thank you!

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Hi, can anyone ID these jeans for me please? Tried to get a few angles from a screen grab so apologies for the quality, particularly interested in the wash if someone knows?? Fairly certain they are Boot cut though... Thanks!




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^  Anyone?? ideas on the wash and leg style will be a big help!  thanks.

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zatiny or zathan, but I have no idea about the wash.

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Thanks! I've also been informed there Zathan by someone else... I still would like to know the wash or if there is something similar? Going by the picture the jeans have a grey/blue tint to them and some distress...any ideas??



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can somebody help me to ID the cut and wash?






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the pics are terrible but honestly it looks like a solid black safado like 8y8 or safado-A 19a

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Originally Posted by itsinmyjeans View Post

the pics are terrible but honestly it looks like a solid black safado like 8y8 or safado-A 19a

comparing with googled pictures it is definitely 8Y8. thanks
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Hi again, actually after looking at the label again, it says it's Kuratt.  I was wearing it, and my friend was saying it is ruined because of the marks outside of the front pockets.  To me, they look like designs, rather than ironing marks, because they are not shiny and look perfect.  Can anyone give some guidance and advise if these are actual "design marks"?  Thank you.

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I don't know if these are supposed to be that way but it's very possible. Jeans are never ruined when things like this happen anyway. It adds character to them and makes them unique. Don't listen to your friend.

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Can anyone tell me what Jeans are these ?




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I've never seen anything like them but that doesn't necessarily mean they're fake. Can you provide pics of tag with Indian head and tHe tag with with size on length on it? 

I'm inclined to think they're fake but I dUnno for sure until I see better pics of front back and /or tags.

Zdenal what do you think? Have you seen anything like these before? 

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those look fake as hell!!!

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Originally Posted by freeradical82 View Post

those look fake as hell!!!

I honestly think you are right. 


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