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i do not wana be some website's user...

plz capture jpg file, and upload here ...


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Sorry. Thanks sand/


Please help me ID this wash on this zatiny

Thank you people :) 


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thanks I found out the wash

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i guess from back poke stitch design.




plz correct me...

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^ Its Zatiny 8IZ.. just bad photos.

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Who can help me to ID a safado jeans


sorry i have no pics...

he looks like a 71J with the same backpockets but he is not so destroyed


I hope someone can help me!


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Originally Posted by nehhmo View Post

Anyone tried on Diesel Plistry Jeans and can tell me a few things about cut and measurements? Most of them are compared with Slammer, Viker, Thanaz by sellers but it's a little bit strange too compare all those types of jeans in my opinion because the only thing they have in comon is a straight-slim cut.


I have a pair of Plistrys in black waxed. I already sized down one, but it would be better to size down 2. But I don't know if it's the same issue with normal jeans from DBG. DBG seems to be sized one size bigger than normal. at least that's the case for my Plistrys, one T-shirt and a formal shirt that I own.

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Saw someone at school one day with a pair of jeans that had 2 thick white V's (one on top of the other) stitching on both the back pockets. Guessing that they're diesel? if so, what style would this be? if not, what brand and style are they? thanks in advance 

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poiak 8sv i guess

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What would these be (model and wash)? Thanks in advance!



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Could someone please help me ID this pair of jeans so I can order more? The jeans in question are men's black straight leg Diesel's that were purchased in Italy. They have a tag on the inside that read "Only the Brave".  





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Safado 8dk

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The wash if I can remember back that far is 708 or T08 but can't work out what Mod they are.  Any help?

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Originally Posted by qtj0ker1980 View Post



what wash is this? thanks

Matic 8N1

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Can anyone help me ID this suede/shearling jacket? Color is more like in the 2nd picture (flash screwed up the color in the first one).





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I just bought these off Yoox, they were on sale, they are Zathan quote from description "Composition: 99% Cotton, 1% Elastane Measurements: Width at end: 10.3 Inches Details: model: zathan, delave effect, stretch, flare & wide-leg, low waisted, dark wash, button closing, five pockets, distressed hem, small studs, embroidery, rear logo"


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Those are Zathan 8B2

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Viker 8ST

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The jeans are cool, and fit the fashion girls. But the size...

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