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Helping me ID this - Page 35

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thanx, appreciate it!!!
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Searching one in 27 but don't find :'(
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so, i wana one DDG before stop selling (last release SS10)

this item SS09,
plz let me know any info
:ID , pics, selling online shop, price, and so on....

japan id number : 00FA4J30184

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who is this guy?
i guess he worn thanaz-8b9...
 but not released atm

description:On him: an H&M blazer, Zara shirt, Hawkings McGill vest, Diesel jeans, Aldo boots, D&G belt and a Louis Vuitton clutch.

so famous guy? on HF too???
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who is this guy?! he looks gay...
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exactly... seems like that.
why he could wear that on March/2010...
i guess, not suitable for him :THANAZ... 
 if he ask me suitable id, i'll recommend ZAF
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Hello, what wash is this viker?
DIESEL Men - Denim - Jeans DIESEL on YOOX

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viker 8aa
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Can someone Please ID this for me.....

DIESEL SMALL MENS V NECK TSHIRT on eBay (end time 16-May-10 18:24:57 BST)

Many Thanks, Look forward to a response.
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I need help identifiying these Diesel jeans. I'm almost pretty sure they're Zatiny, but not sure what wash.


These are from the main page,





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Viker 8d8.

Looks like you already answered your own question on page 33 of this thread.

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Haha! Yes!! Exactly what I thought.^

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careless whisper....

sorry & thx for your correction.


-1 to me..


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thanaz 8ww

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 i dislike this wash(break).

 just want to know  is this FW10's thanaz 8S9 or not...




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don't like the wash either

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Any idea what wash this is?  Looks very 88z-ish but with 2% elastase


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Any idea what wash this is?  Looks very 88z-ish but with 2% elastase

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8AA imo

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anyone know what for Diesel Jeans are these and washcode ??






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thanaz 8SV

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