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Zatiny 8iw
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Thank you
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DIESEL Für Ihn - Denim - Jeanshosen DIESEL auf YOOX

I know the wash is 8sv but what cut is this ?
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Dior 19cm, anyone know what wash?
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Hard to tell from the small pic, but probarbly raw.
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revick 8lp
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Please ID this - Diesel*-*Leather Field Jacket*-*Bergdorf Goodman

It looks alot like the Lagocia, but I dont think thats what it is. Also, I would love to know where to buy this jack (or possibly a reproduction). I missed out on this sale price by just a couple weeks, I'd love to find it at this price. Thanks!
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What exactly is this? Just curious...

DIESEL Für Ihn - Denim - Jeanshosen DIESEL auf YOOX
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^are(were) they raw?
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^ I don't think those DDG is based on Thanaz neither they were/are RAW. The back construction with backpockets, yoke is totally different. Maybe Safado?
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safados IMO, they have the typical rivet near the upper part of the button fly
and no, not raws
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^but the leg opening is 7" in size 28, seems small for safado.
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7,5" is standard leg opening in this size for Safado.
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i meant to type DDG SAFADO. sorry...
i dont think its raw either from what i can see in the pic.
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if safado (maybe we talk "this is not thanaz, is it?" ),

this seller is big Liar.. seller's name is treasurehoard,
on ebay here,

plz contact seller if you want..

take care!!

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no need to count your number of posts, my friend...
why liar? he is a Moderator on Authentic Forum, and a legit seller
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then , this item is "thanaz"... not safado.
item's info is thanaz he wrote on ebay.
plz access to link.
DIESEL DDG 64 LA075 Jeans 28/34 Denim Gallery Thanaz - eBay (item 110496009709 end time Mar-19-10 11:21:23 PDT)

so, i wote "if safado"

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just for the truth, he states he's not sure about the cut in the auction:

Other Important InformationNot sure of the cut. I think it is Safado or Thanaz.
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aaaaa... i have to...
all guys talk about
Other Important InformationNot sure of the cut.
I think it is Safado or Thanaz.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i have to stop!!

thx for your correction....
i checked only the title...

6th/week sorry..

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^ if you read also description well, think twice before post, you could save 2 useless comments.
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yeah.... agree...(+10)
i'll do my best before posting...

7th/week, sorry.
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