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What is the deal with these?

WOW~ DIESEL sz 27 L 32 LIV SEXY HOT JEANS ~ - eBay (item 270391027805 end time May-21-09 17:31:52 PDT)

Are these fake? The back totally looks like my lowky bc's but the tag says liv. When I look up that particular wash i find a normal looking pair of livs in a totally diff color. Weird.
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^ Yup fake, stay far away.
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some kind of 713, but not Zathan or Rabox...

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^ seems that the model is a guy lol
anyway, if you are asking if they're real, imo they are
but please use Authenticity Thread next time
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Originally Posted by robness View Post
some kind of 713, but not Zathan or Rabox...

believe those to be Kratt
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eh... thanks for the id
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id the zathan on the right:

and both of these

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The top right one. The lightest colored one is the zathan 8SZ isnt it? Its on the diesel website right now...
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distressing and leather back patch don't match up...

maybe 8IR....

nope. nevermind. huh. and those zathans in the lower pic, they look like 8IN but with blue ... ??
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That´s Safado 8IH. One of my personal favorites!
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Originally Posted by frankfaster84 View Post
That´s Safado 8IH. One of my personal favorites!

I have Safado 0r8fe (stretch) in waiste size 32. Should I size up or down if I take the 8IH's?
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8IH is a total insta-cop. Great wash.
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Hey Gron, what cut do you have 8ih in? (btw love the sig)
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zathan 71j

It seems that if i want some info about this jeans i must ask here so...
I'm pretty sure that it's a real zathan 71j but the wash is more destroyed and the pocket are diff.
Diesel made a new 71j?
Is there someone who know something about it?
Where could i buy it? beacause they haven't my size?

Diesel Zathan Pantaloni 29/34, Diesel, 199,95€

Many thx
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^It was said to be 73Y in the "new washes" thread.
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man.... I don't know, but that's a very old release
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yeah legit, but please use this thread

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Perhaps someone can help me with this t-shirt. What is it called?

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^ you have really sharp eyes! it's indeed black. But what's the name. Every Diesel shirt has it's own name like Tancel or Tizoc ... . I couldn't find the name of this. It would be easier searching for it.
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You want to have a name for that generic black shirt, to help you find a generic black shirt? That does not make sense. I would go to a generic boutique and just buy one or is there something really special about that shirt that is hidden in the blurriness of the pic?
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