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Helping me ID this - Page 2

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ID please:
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Looks like True Religions. Why you post here? This is Diesel section. Heavens sake.
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just to be clear though, my comment about your iron army's was a compliment. those were dope!
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Originally Posted by blackcandy3 View Post
look like washed out 784's to me
They were in fact 784, good call BC3.
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pic from a dolce gabbana runway so they're not diesel
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you're kidding me. i found that pic in another diesel thread. BOO
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yeah I was the one who posted this pic,and they are both from that same auction for a 46 dole gabbana runway leather jacket.
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oh that was you? oh boy
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Name that farco!

I should know what they are... I'm just having a brain block right now...
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which wash is this?
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x-ro 796

(I'm not an x-ro expert but I think it's written somewhere in that thread)
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unfortunately not, he said that they are pretty easy
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Originally Posted by sludgecow View Post
yeah those x-ros really do look amazing. the pockets really stand out.
are they washed out or something? the back looks almost white..

you should post a pic of the whole back.
that would be awesome.

Originally Posted by ZHH View Post
god those x-ro's are amazing. what size are you

Originally Posted by Overmind1632 View Post
no way!!!, IF i were to ditch a pair, it would be either my xros 796s or my zathan 710s

looks like they're x-ro 796
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Originally Posted by Narciso View Post
yeah!! 8bL! Ive only seen these when skidder posted something on them! seller is in new york?
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DIESEL Men - Sweaters - V-neck DIESEL on YOOX

What is the name of this sweater?
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Bring this thread back!
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^ Yes
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I meant which wash. Sorry for the confusion.
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Heres a better pic of the B-pocket,Just need to know which cut/wash these are thank you!

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Originally Posted by mgoose View Post
Hard to tell exactly from the pic, but from what I see they look to be an older diesel "industry" pair by the way the tag is on the inside waist, Maybe a Fanker...Not a very sought after pair of diesels IMO,
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