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@zdenal_cz i cant say with 100% certainty but in scotch&soda i always get a medium. maybe even a small in some tshirts/sweaters. i think Diesel tops run smaller. last time i had bought a tshirt from diesel, i got it in Large. but anyway, scotch&soda have free deliveries/returns so you can get two sizes and try ;) i just got two tshirts from their sale ^^

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ah, ok and thanks, Audit30...

I'm between L and XL in Diesel (depends on cut, material and fit), so it seems I would fit in L in Scotch and Soda well. Maybe I will wait for Phukette's or Leftvapor's opinion (I saw they wear some pieces from S&S).

Yes, I saw delivery is for free, but I have to pay the "return shipping".

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I´m about 1m78 and in s&s I always go with large. but I have to say I like my sweaters a little loose and not slimfitted.

I have two Diesel sweats in medium, they fit similiar but are  a little shorter in lenght.

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@zdenal_cz  yes sorry, returns are not free. my mistake. maybe they are free for the Netherlands. 

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What Shioner is this one? Can't seem to read the label on the photo. Please help me out!

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Shioner 8nl

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Originally Posted by Quettingen View Post

Shioner 8nl

thanks big time!!!

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Yes8nl, its written in the picture on the right

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i see, but it wasn't clear. i was seeing something more like 8ne
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Yes tepphar and braddom but forgot the wash of both icon_biggrin.gif
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braddom 804z


teppar 602m

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thanks! A LOT! :)

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what model is it and what about the size? usual size or +/-1? thanks



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I think shioner 804H.
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thanks for the info

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Looks like 824B to me. :)

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yes, tepphar 824b

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Thanks guys !
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Anyone know this wash?



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Thanks @karacho
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