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Please ID following Thavars, TIA




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the first pictures, like thavar 885s

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Can you identify this shoes guys?

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They are Black Still trek hiking boots.

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Originally Posted by denim addict View Post

They are Black Still trek hiking boots.


I thought they were black diesel dram boots.

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What are these Jeans? :P

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looks like some bootleg version of 8x2. any other pics?

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I guess all of us would say 8x2 but they aren't even Diesel's! These are from Scotch & Soda and it's obvious that they have copied Diesel :D

The retail price was 160€ and they were on sale for 40€.

Didn't see them quieckly I would have bought one just to compare them with my 8x2

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it's really interesting

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Here is the a screenshot


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very good price. interesting to see the quality

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scotch&soda has loads of washes that look very similar to Diesel washes but i have never tried their jeans... their tshirts are the best tshirts ive ever tried though so maybe their jeans are just as nice. 

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interesting to know the quality of jeans

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Yeah I also saw in the past some Scotch&Soda Jeans which reminded me on Diesel's
I will keep an eye on them if they got them again in stock will buy them and see how the quality is

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i checked out their site. quite a few jeans blatantly ripping off diesel. i'm tempted to try a pair but not for $150. i can get diesel few seasons old at that price.

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Maybe Scotch and soda is also OTB part / brand as diesel is and they are "cooperating".
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Yeah that could be a reason

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You're definitely right.

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I remember seing the 8x2 copy on their website and almost went for it but don't know if the quality is good or not. If it is then their jeans are worth the purchase because so cheaper than Thavar, Shioner, etc!!

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Originally Posted by Quettingen View Post

You're definitely right.

I agree. So similar. I am sure the fit won't be as good as Diesel.

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I love this sweatshirt in navy and green. Can anybody tell me, what's the scotch and soda sizing in sweatshirts? Compare with diesel etc. TIA.



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look very good, it may be a good cheap alternative

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@zdenal_cz i cant say with 100% certainty but in scotch&soda i always get a medium. maybe even a small in some tshirts/sweaters. i think Diesel tops run smaller. last time i had bought a tshirt from diesel, i got it in Large. but anyway, scotch&soda have free deliveries/returns so you can get two sizes and try ;) i just got two tshirts from their sale ^^

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