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Try cole haan they have similar shoes.

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Hello Mikey, the 3rd link you posted is Diesel Thavar 801C ... I think. Not 100% but I think that this is 801C. I need someone with more experience to confirm it! :)

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also, if you are thinking of buying them, here's a thread that might actually help you a bit!



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from what season are these jeans?





dont know the season but those are krooley-ne 800B i think




im 90% positive that these are:


1) thavar 888N

2) thavar 800x

3) thavar 801C

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thanks man, appreciate the help! icon_wink.gif
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@denimneverdies no problem icon_wink.gif
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Hey guy,I was wondering if anyone knows the wash of these tepphars :



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edit: I think you already asked this some time ago

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They're very similar,but I don't think it's 882v because the measurements are different.

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measurements? what do you mean? i'm pretty sure it's tepphar 882v

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Hem wise, these ones are 1 cm larger, or at least,that's what it says on yoox.Anyway,thanks for the help :)

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and do you know, from which sizes took yoox measurements? I don't think they take everytime one exact size and measure leg opening. What if they got all other sizes except the "sample" one?

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Hey all!


Haven't posted here in a while, but have been reading regularly.  Can you all help me identify the wash on these Zatinys at yoox?




Wondering the weight as well.  Thank again!!!  Best Diesel info on the net.



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Flip,your links don't work.

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They're working for me.
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Never mind I found the washes. Zatiny 803M and Larkee 802E
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I meant to say thanks to you as well, thanks for the info! I appreciate the help guys! icon_smile.gif
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Someone knows this wash?

And there are other styles, besides Safado, that has this wash?



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i cant remember the wash code but it's the same one that came out in salmon, cream and khaki a couple years ago

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^^ I think it's 801d. Came in Thavar, too, but Thavar did not get that dark green wash. Only Safado.

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just to confirm,is this SHIONER 74Y?



and do you think I should go for my usual Thavar/Shioner size or should size up/down?

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