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Folks, can you help me ID these jeans? Can you tell me what style of jeans they are? They only have the waist size (33) on the first tag... The middle tag indicates what I think is a length of 32" but when I measure the inseam, it appears to be 29" and it does not look like the length has been modified.






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Rabox 802
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What's model and washx_1d09152f.jpgx_c53c9af6.jpg

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Second pair is 0888p in thavar
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What are these please?




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what are those? those are ugly.

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^^ fake?

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I know this ain't no jeans, but ive been looking EVERYWHERE for some info on this old jacket i've had for almost 20 years now..

It's been in a box for many years, and when i found it again about a year ago, i started to look for some info on it, no luck though.


Since i'm new here, feel free to tell me if this is the wrong place to post :)




















Well that's it..


I really hope someone knows at least SOMETHING about this one :)

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Does anybody know, what model and wash is pictured in Aramis posting?


@ Aramis: Where did you found the pictures?

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@ TS2609:  :))a former employee of the store diesel in my town. it can be thavar or thanaz but don `t know what it is wash. These jeans look great.


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Definitely, they look great!!! We have to find out, which wash this is :-)

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hi guys

do you know what is the wash code of this tepphar and does it come in oder fits ?  :)


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881w, and no :(
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thats sad,they look amazing but i`m not that skinny :(

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can anybody help me ID the jeans, that Aramis posted above, please? Thanaz? They look great!

Thanks a lot!

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I don't like them but what are these thanaz???



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@ Aramis:


Hi Aramis,

perhaps it is better to start a new thread to get some help to identify the model and wash in the pictures you posted on 02/25/12.

What do you think?


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Found a pair of Paxius at a very good price but I am confused about the material. It's listed as velvet (What the hell ?) but the website selling it a sort of big thrift store and it's not reliable for details...

Any help would be great.



Answering my own question : material is a slightly distressed and very soft moleskin. I highly recommend even though it's not proper denim 

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Originally Posted by TS2609 View Post

@ Aramis:


Hi Aramis,

perhaps it is better to start a new thread to get some help to identify the model and wash in the pictures you posted on 02/25/12.

What do you think?


Hello! I do not think anyone else can help us in the new theme!) More and moreissues and questions it is now left without answers. But I still hope that we will findthat wash)


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my mind is blank. I know but I cant think. Let me get back toyou.

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^^ 889Y

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Patch at back waist does not look like usual diesel

The crotch looks like wms jeans....

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found it...


Stupid diesel put these under mens collection

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