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My very first Hermes bag!!

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Hermes Black Box Calf Kelly 28cm!!

OK, no more shopping for me for the next year!
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Ooh coool That's a sophistcated looking bag, I like the clean lines! Sometimes bags with a ton of buckles and tassels and hooks and locks are scary!

What is funny is that I seriously was wearing the same exact outfit as you today. Same jacket and TR Joeys as well. (What wash is that? I was in my Easy Riders that I stole back from my sister over break...)
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Easy riders! I told you that you have great taste! LOL. I got the hoodie on Thursday and the jeans today since my other pair of Easy Riders are giving me muffin top after Winter break :yucky:
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Congrats Liz! It's a gorgous bag! So classy...
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I love that bag, Liz! Congrats on owning such a fabulous and classic bag
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Classic! Congrats Liz!
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Lucky you!!

Are you wearing an Hermes bag with an Old Navy hoodie?!?!
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Originally Posted by allison7 View Post
Lucky you!!

Are you wearing an Hermes bag with an Old Navy hoodie?!?!
LOL! Yeah, I didn't have time to model a better outfit so I just took photos with what I have on.
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Wow, that is sweet, I don't own any clothing that is worthy of wearing with a bag like that!!! Super nice! Contgrats!
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gorgeous! i love the simplicity (:
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