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curling irons?

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I need recommendations Mine is horrible...it takes forever to heat up& it loses heat quickly, so it takes a long time to finish styling my hair.

I have long, thick hair...so I need something that will retain high heat & give me a long lasting curl...please help
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Do you only curl your hair or straighten it too? I straighten my hair and I have the T3 iron and it curls too...and it works great
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yea definitely use a ceramic curling iron! throw away your gold plated ones asap!
Ceramic is less damaging to your hair and curls like magic. Try to look for one that is made of ceramic, not ceramic coated (they can wear off). it may be a bit pricey (30-50bucks), but its a good investment!
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The Chi one I have works really well and for me it lasts all day without any hair spray
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