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good luck. I have to go to my post office cause he says I'm lying about when they were delivered.
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Honestly, given his/her track record on AF and lack of professionalism, I would open a Paypal dispute just so that everything is documented.
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wow that doesn't sound reasonable at all. I agree with 2venus, I would just file the paypal dispute so I don't risk anything. And plus he might not even refund you the original shipping cost so filing the dispute will ensure that he does.
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I don't belive this. The seller orinally agreed to a full refund yesterday so I sent the jeans. Now today I get an email saying that the seller has consulted their local taylor who says the off center crowns and hole can be fixed for $20 and that is all they will refund me. I have already sent the jeans. I am going to open a paypal dispute and file a chrageback. What a bitch.
It's long but this is what I sent back

So you are going back on our agreement to refund me the full amount. I have already sent the item so I will expect a full refund shortly. I will file a claim with paypal if I have to. I have looked at the pictures from the orignal auction and I have sent you pictures of the jeans I received. They are clearly not the same. I too am a proffesional business person and I respect you as one too. What I do not respect and will not tolerate is your sudden change of mind when the item has already been posted. I think you will find it in your best interest to stick with our original agreement. Remember I have your emails as proof that you agreed to refund.

Please let me know where you stand on this. I am not trying to 'screw' you out of anything.

Also, a simple $20 reimbursement will not fix the problem of off center crowns. I think you already know this. Please do not insult me with this offer again.

Stick to the agreement and you will receive good feedback and no problem from paypal or ebay. I should also remind you that I paid by credit card and if need be I will get my card company to do a charge back

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon

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I still say file a Paypal claim so that everything is documented. You may not be trying to screw her, but she's certainly trying to screw you!
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UNBELIEVABLE!! There is no way in hell that $20 will solve the problem. Is it even possible to relocate crowns??? I would be so mad if I were you and I like your email it sounds very professional. You have to fight this and I really think you should file a paypal dispute right away before this gets even worse because now you out of money and jeans. I wish you the best of luck.
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Your are most definately right. I have just files a dispute. I am going to contact my credit card company as well.

In her email she said "I'm sure you don't want the trouble of a paypal dispute" and "they won't give a refund for items not a described". How little does she know. This is not my first dispute I had to file. I am so angry.
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the way they carry out their business disgusts me...
don't worry judith.. I'm sure paypal will side you. Esp. with that email that frm the seller agreeing to a full refund..

Its a good thing to contact your cc company asap too.. they take some time to send you forms and you need to fill them in carefully with all backing info. ..its a looonnnggg process.
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Can I see pictures of the crowns please????
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judith - file a claim!!! now!! it doesn't matter what the seller tells you, open the dispute, tell them that the jeans were already mailed back, provide them with the email in which the seller told you that he would give you a full refund when she received the jeans ... did you mail the jeans with delivery confirmation? and it's good that you paid with credit card so when seller gets the jeans and refuses to refund you can do a chargeback ... good luck!
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Thanks guys. I have opened a dispute with paypal and I have the messages in ebay as proof. I will post pics of the jeans when I get home and you can see if it can be fixed for $20. Yeah right!
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hey i think he ore she is reading this tread and he knows if you get a refund more people are gonne ask for a refund
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Yes they are reading this thread. Look what I got today.

First of all the only reason why I am stating that I will not be reimbursing you the money because I have contacted PayPal and explained to them the situation. As you aware that PayPal mostly sides with buyers but in this situation they explained to me that I do not have to take the jeans back and I can send them right back to you. Paypal will advise you that there has to be a SIGINIFICANT difference in an item discription in order to claim that. Crowns being not exactly perfect does not fall into this category. I am not trying to be rude or nasty in any way but this is PayPal policy. The product have to be completely totally different from what it states in the ad in order to receive a full refund. That is why I offered some kind of refund to you. I am trying to be very professional about it, as a seller I also have right with PayPal and I inquired about them. I am not insulting you with anything but PayPal clearly told me that I do not have to offer anything to you it was simply a nice thing to do. However you chose to act like an imature child and you can call PayPal and inquire about their policy in regards to items not as described.




All the letter have been saved for further proff to paypal and your credit card company. Please do not think you are the only one that has protection here both seller and the buyers have protection again these things from happening so therefore i have already spoke to the manager of paypal and explained the satuation to them they told me your are not allowed to get credit for crowns being off centered becouse it was clearly not done by me. Also i have been in touch with my attorney and if you gonna slander my name or my business entety in forums which you seen to apply to that i will have to press charges againts you for SLANDER. Please before you start exusing me of verious things call paypal and check with them.
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don't close the dispute. whatever happens - wait for paypal and what they are telling you. call paypal tomorrow and tell them you alreday mailed the jeans back and you have proof of that because the seller told you to do that. you haven't told any lie on here, you are just talking about what happened to you.
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he cant have spoken whit the managers from paypal thats crap dont close the thing claim him and get youre money back
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Oh and Eddie - contact your damn attorney and they will tell you to stop wasting their time. I'd like to know exactly what I have WRITTEN that is slanderous.

What a chump!

Oh and Candies121 I would start a claim immediately as well!
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This is what I have put as my claim.

The seller initially agreed to a full refund as long as the item in question was returned to them (for which I offered to pay). Once the item was shipped the seller changed their mind and sent me an email stating only a $20 refund would be issued on receipt of the item. Since opening the paypal claim I have received 3 further emails threatening to sue me and of a rather nasty content. I have also been to see a qualified taylor who tells me the damage to the pockets, i.e the off center crowns, is not fixable. I will only accept a FULL REFUND as originally agreed.
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Sounds great! I can't imagine them not siding with you when the seller pulls the original agreement and makes a new one after you've returned the jeans. Unbelievable! I agree with the other, whatever you do, do not pull your claim from PP, wait for them to reply.
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Dont give up! You can win this! That seller is nasty, I think we should put him in the banned list of sellers so nobody buys from him again. Since 90% of us shop on ebay and there's a BIG number of us, he may not think you have ruined his reputation but I'm sure that to most of us shoppers on ebay, none of us will ever buy from him again. That being said, I hope he's reading this because he doesn't seem to take us seriously. Additionally, regarding his threatening letters and wanting to seem professional, only proper english with correct spelling can be regarded as professional. Even I know that and I only started college.
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I swore to never buy from them after I saw that they ended their auctions early ALL THE TIME when they felt the auction was not going to end high enough. If they had patience, they would have seen that the auctions would have jumped in the last few minutes but they never let that happen. I just find that to be shady ebay behavior (there were other things to but I will not list them publicly).
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What an ass! I will never buy from these people. Paypal will definitely side with you. This person is so full of BS
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thank you guys. Your support is amazing. I will keep you posted on this. If anyone else has had a problem with this guy then now is the time to file a complaint!
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Igotthat777 is probably reading all of this!

Odie, best of luck to you, Paypall will side with you.
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