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SFAM Bootcut Fit (mens)

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are these slim fit or relaxed? i like my jeans pretty slim fitting, i usually wear Diesel Zathans, Levi's Skinners, Nudies, etc. I want to buy these but i'm not sure if the fit. I've tried on flynt and A-pocket and i'd like something that fits similiar to those. Thanks!
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no one knows..? someone please i want to buy these before they sell out
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Bootcut are rather slim-fitting.

I'm not a big guy, by any means, but I can't even get the bootcut over my thighs and butt.

If you don't have fairly thin legs, avoid bootcut.
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I own the bootcut NYDs personally. They taper at the thigh and hit at the knees. The Flynts are snugger than the boots.
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some of the bootcuts fit , but in others i need relaxed.
Like carribean the bootcut fit on my thighs and but , the montana bootcut does not fit so i need relaxed in these .
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u mention the nyd taper at thigh and hit the knee is that a womens fit or  both a mens and womens because i see alot more of the womens nyd.

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I think they were specifically talking about the mens (this is a really old thread too...) but yeah, they do make NYD bootcuts for both men and women. Obviously with the men's jeans you'll get a higher rise and probably less room in the hips, but it's easy to mistake one for the other unless you know that T style codes are always men's and U style codes are always women's.

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