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I got my Havana A's! *pics*

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Fabulous, E
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which ones are they
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Originally Posted by ttramell
which ones are they
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i likey!!
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very nice, you look great!
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as always, lookin super!!! I love those
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which havana a are they?
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dhv? they look SO nice on you
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Those are gorgeous on you!
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Love them! I also think the belt is pretty cool too.
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ahh, my love of dhv continues...
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I love them on you! Oh, I need a pair of these, but no room lift on my wishlist...
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E- those are cool!!! And I too love that belt! And you know I'm not a belt wearer. LOL. You look hot in those jeans for sure! *whew*
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Love anything Havana! They look great!
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yuppp..i loveee DHV A pocket...it's one of my most favorite jean......and the DHV A pocket waist stud band is even BETTER *wink*
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Oooh! So pretty. You always look so nice in your jeans.
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