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Ugg Sunset sizing

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I'm a true size 7 in shoes, but can also fit a 6.5 and 7.5-depending on the brand. I am a 6 in the classic Uggs. I read reviews on Zappos that 72% of the buyers stayed true to size because of the slimmer fit in the calves, but I have skinny to medium sized calves. I'm still deciding if I should get a 6 or 7 So size down or stay true to size?
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well if you order from zappos its free shipping both ways so it cant hurt to get both
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I'm not ordering from Zappos though. I'm getting them from sheepskinshoes.com, and they don't have free shipping both ways I guess I'll just stick with a 7 in case the shoes are too tight on my calves, and I wouldn't want my shoes to be uncomfortably tight..
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hey i know this post is really old, but im having the exact same issues right now as you did before. did the 7's fit better or the 6?
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I never got the chance to buy a pair because the website I planned to buy from ran out of stock so quickly. But I did talk to their CS, who recommended me to buy a 7 since they run slimmer at the calves--esp if you want to tuck in jeans.
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