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looking for CHANEL

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any legit online sites for chanel bags? i feel like browsing but don't want to drive all the way up to the city to look in person.
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none. chanel is not allowed to be carried/sold online (:
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there are online 2nd hand Chanel
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^forgot to mention that. thanks! ;D
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Originally Posted by compulsive View Post
none. chanel is not allowed to be carried/sold online (:
Why is that? I'm not quite up-to-date with fashion news. Was there a lawsuit or something?
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Not sure, alot a brands do that. Balenciaga and Hermes bags are not sold online either.
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i thought aloharag nap etc. carried bal?
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I guess they just want their stuff to be more exclusive? I don't know but Chanel's not carried online & it makes me sadddd. :\
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balenciaga can be purchased online.
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Aloha Rags does carry them, but you need to email them for a list of the bags.

It CAN be purchased online, you just won't see photos.
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Yup, Chanel is not sold online- if you just want to see pics go to CHANEL
you can call their customer service number and they can give you prices and connect you with a Chanel boutique that carries that particular item.
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