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Holy @@@@@SSDFEWRQEW#@$#@!!!! - Page 2

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Wow! I'm scared to use my AuctionSniper again. I still have about $8 in credit with them, but have been using eSnipe lately.
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OMG, i cant believe those ended at $5.50!! what the freak is going on here - is it just b/c of summer that people dont want to bid on jeans? i've never seen a pair of sevens go for that low unless they have a hole in the crotch or something along those lines. i also think the seller will probably back out and make up some excuse....i would have a hard time myself selling those for next to nothing.
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oh btw, auctionsniper failed on me once before too...they gave me a different reason, but they also blamed circumstances on ebay for the reason it did not go through
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