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Originally Posted by shoesandbags1969 View Post
I'll let you choose then: blow job or penetration?
Sure, I would love a blow job, oh wait you meant ...
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I did not seriously miss it while trying (unsuccessfully) to sleep. Fuck!
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Fuck if I missed antying, it's 3 am and I'm drunk and the girls in this town suck
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Damnit, why does HF Crash and ALWAYS come back up RIIGHHTTT after I go to bed? WTF!

I <3 the Fickr
Originally Posted by fr4nkst3r View Post
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Anyway, can't compare to any of the other girls, but I said I'd post after the next guy did... and then HF crashed


Crappy Camera Phone:

My underwear is supposed to be purple with polka dots!
stupid cellphone.

Yaya I get to go home today! peace
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