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What do you think of this bag?

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I'm looking for something new and have really never been to into bags! I used to work for LV, so I had a bunch of them. They last forever so I haven't shopped for bags in YEARS!!!

Is this Marc bag ok? Consider that I am a mom of two...won't use this everyday, but need something that's also a good size for travel...Be honest! If it's ugly, I don't want it!

eBay: MARC by MARC JACOBS authentic Beth Hobo Handbag *NWT!* (item 290065738259 end time Jan-03-07 05:31:58 PST)
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I like it But in regards to authenticity . . I have no idea!
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Thanks, Melanie! If anyone has an idea of authenticity as well as their opinion, that'd be great!
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Im not crazy about it...I think that bag has been faked!
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Thanks Allison! I am not sure how much I love it either!!! Probably why I'm asking for second opinions!

Anyone have any suggestions on a Coach style that might be a similar size? I'm a Coach dummy!!!
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I agree with Allison... not crazy about it...

as for coach, they have some awesome new stuff out and prices close to the MJ one:

[my personal fav of these, the lacing is cute!] Coach - LEATHER MEDIUM DUFFLE

[this one also comes in pebbled leather]

[this style comes in a bunch of colors, including the new large C pattern]
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Oooh! I like both of those! I love how the Coach website let's you "try the bag on"! That second one, the Carly one, comes in the C fabric as well as the leather shown? Hmmmmm...nice!
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the siggie one is cheaper too
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uh oh, me likey. Where would one acquire such a bag??? Is it a new style? No chance it'd be at an outlet?
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Yeah brand new for winter, not at outlets yet they have them at any coach store, online, and I think Macy's has some sort of contract with coach and it might be there as well
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Thanks! I'm gonna try to get over to the outlet this weekend and see if there's anything I like before spending $300+. THANKS!!!
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I've seen some like this one at the Coach outlets:

eBay: COACH MINI SIGNATURE POCKET TOTE BAG KHAKI 3646 NWT (item 330068114979 end time Jan-06-07 23:02:16 PST)

In both leather and sig. It's similar to that one you like but has double handles instead of one strap. I don't remember the outlet price but I'm pretty certain it was under $200.
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Like that one too! I need to get out my measuring tape and try to figure out exactly what size I want! I'll go to the outlet this weekend for sure! Thanks!
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You use to work for LV?! SOO JEALOUS! that's like my dream job, haha!

I've never been a fan of that mbymj style because the leather is so stiff and I definitely prefer the Coach suggestions over the mj. Hope you find something at the outlets!!
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personally, i'm not a fan of that bag. i don't think it'll match all the designer denim you'll be sporting (:
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Ok, so I went to the outlet...no signature stuff really. boo. I ended up getting a fairly large suede Coach tote...maybe not exactly what I was looking for but it is really pretty, basic, and was a good deal. I'll post pics when hubby isn't around ...don't want to draw to much attention to my little purchase!!! heeheehee!
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can't wait to see pics =]
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Here's what I got...debating on keeping it! I really would like a signature bag, around the same size. I'm thinking it's what I need for a cruise we're going on in March with the family...let me know what y'all think!

(Please disregard my dirty mirror! My kids brush their teeth there and I just realized how yucky it is!!! )
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It's very cute. It's good that it has the smooth leather on the bottom and the corners to protect the suede. It looks soft and roomy too!
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ooh great coach tote! i actually have that mbymj bag and i really like it. i love the bows on the pockets--thats what originally drew me into that particular style. the leather is a bit stiff but it softens with wear and its a good size so you can fit alot in it. it's a fun bag but it does have a younger look. i cant speak for the authenticity of that bag because it's just a stock pic.

p.s. im so jealous that you worked at LV! i'd LOVVVVVVVVE to work there!
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Do you mind me asking how much it was at the outlet? I love it BTW!
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oh yay! I have that one too but with the coach sig and sequins
it's awsomeness :P
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Just be really careful with the suede it gets dirty fast. At least your is dark. Mine is beige and it looks like a disaster.
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