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temp. hair color

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I am thinking about using a temporary hair color to pep up my hair....anyone have any suggestions which one and what color? My hair is currently dark blonde with lighter blonde streaks (there is a pic around here somewhere but I am too lazy to search ). I am thinking about doing a copper/red color. What happens when it washes out? Will it all come out or does it stain the hair?
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depending on what color you pick ... the color you have now ... etc

it will probably stain your hair.
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I have the same coloring as you. I was tempted to temporarily be brunette, so I tried Natural Instincts in Chestnut. It surprisingly made my hair a really pretty, shiney auburn. It is fading a little lighter but the color is still nice as it gets lighter.

I have heard that these temporary dyes always leave something behind on blondes. My plan is to dye it maybe 1 more time when it fades, then get some highlights around spring summer and be back to blonde.
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