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Opinions from the "handbag" girls...

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Ok, am I being an idiot...

I just listed my LV Babylone here and on ebay (7 day listing, so there's a little time) and I am already feeling some serious potential seller's remorse. Should I be selling this bag? eBay: Louis Vuitton Babylone Handbag - AUTH! GORGEOUS - EUC!! (item 320065554153 end time Jan-03-07 07:08:35 PST)

Here's the situation. I've had this bag for about 9 years. I used it for a while when I was still working, but otherwise, it's been sitting in it's dust cover in my closet for YEARS. I've got two kids (5 & 3 almost) and it just doesn't seem practical. BUT am I silly to get rid of it (if I did, I would like something a bit more practical to replace it, size-wise)? If I get rid of it, I'd love some suggestions on a replacement as well!!

Or do I just keep it...and hope I get more opportunity to use it in the future?

Sorry for the rambling...I need help to make a decision before this auction closes!

Thank you in advance ladies!
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coudln't you just use it as an everyday purse?
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sorry- that is a hard one. I guess it depends on if you did get a replacement is there anything out there that you really want that selling this could enable you to buy. Or if you bought something else would you be wishing you had your old purse still? There is still time. Maybe you should look around at what else you might like.

If this purse is something that you think you would definately use in the future then you should probably keep it.
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Cowgurl, I think it's just big and because it's rigid, I just feel like it's a bit bulky for everyday with the kids. I don't mind the size as much as the fact that it's "hard" sided...if that makes sense...

Smalls, you're right. If I were to get a replacement of some sort, I would definitely look for something less expensive that I wouldn't worry about beating up a bit (with the kids), so it'd just be a matter of finding something I like. Probably something a little softer, but maybe good for travel.

We're going on a cruise in March and I'd love to find something that would allow me to keep all valuables with me...wallet, all 4 of our passports, diapers...etc. Any thoughts?

Again, thanks for your opinions...they help me to think it through!
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There are so many bags out there for you to look at! You could start looking at some of the different websites. I'm currently selling one of these on ebay

It's big, has a lot of pockets, and is softer. The main drawback is the handles are a little short. They are long enough to fit over your shoulder- but barely.
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Yeah, that's really cute! I think I would want something like that, but with longer handles/straps...I'm terrible, I haven't shopped for bags in a really long time! All of my LV stuff has lasted forever! Time to move on I think!

I've got a Coach outlet fairly close to me, I guess I should go there...
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yeah- if you are considering getting a Coach bag you should definately check out the outlet. They have amazing deals. I used to work at one during my summers in high school and college. Our discount was really good but sometimes their sale prices are even better than the employee discount. Things could have changed though- that was 10-12 years ago...
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I'll definitely go check out the Coach outlet. Anyone know if Loehmans is any good for handbags? They just opened one, and a Nordstrom Rack, right near me. Either of them good for bags???
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^^Jealous! I havent been to NRACK in a while, but my Loehmanns has had stuff frequently. And well my DSW and Filenes have always had good stuff for bags!
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