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anyone swear by them? ive been using them on and off now, and from what i can see when i dont use them....i get dry patches, clogged pores and my skin just isnt as smooth. I was testing the theory whether they were crucial to my skin care routine. Turns out theyre a must have!

Whats your favorite toner...mine was chanel time fighting/revitalizing toner (discontinued) so now Im trying out Clarins Extra Confort Toning. Pretty good so far...

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Definitely use one!

Toners aren't completely necessary, but do help. Typically most companies go with the 3 step routine, cleanse, tone then moisturize...toners really help in clearing anything your cleanser leaves behind, and depending on the brand, helps tighten pores and removes some of the buildup. Ever notice the off color that turns up on the cosmetic pad after washing your face...all that stuff clogs your pores and promotes breakouts. Cleansers don't always remove everything...it's definitely not a bad thing to use it, infact it really compliments any skin care regime...

Clinque's is actually really good, try their 3 step system...
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I never use one And I have good skin so I think a lot of it is B.S.
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i don't notice a difference. i have used toners in the past... some really dried out my skin. clinique's 3-step did not work for me. my sis-in-law works for clinique, and i've gotten some free stuff to try out, so luckily i wasn't out any money on those products.

however, i have found toners that worked better for me... like phytomer's rose visage toner, and laneige arrange skin refiner (korean brand). i have combo skin, a bit on the dry side... only my nose/forehead get oily but the rest of my face is somewhat dry.

i haven't used toners since summer, due to laziness, and there hasn't really been any adverse changes in my skin so far.
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