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ethnically black jamaican, chinese, and scottish
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pedo, I love the body, but I wanna see the face that goes with it!
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Yeh, we need pic Pedo!
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Originally Posted by maddiconner View Post
I have a friend whose parents are Vietnamese but he was born and raised in Paris. It's funny how people look at him all confused when he speaks with that thick French accent (or acco'n) but he looks so Asian. To further confuse everybody, his half-siblings are nothing like him, all of them look different. Kind of funny.
LOL! i have distant relatives in France... and they also speak English with a heavy French accent. they visited the U.S. several years ago and people here look at them funny too when they speak. we are Asian too, btw.
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Nationality: Costa Rican
Background: Mom from Italy, Dad from Spain

My husband nationality: stateless
Born in Estonia (mother Estonian, father from Ukraine)

My kids are born in US and have a very mixed background.



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Originally Posted by pedo View Post
ethnically black jamaican, chinese, and scottish
Zeco-pagode, I thought you were brazilian?!
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Originally Posted by blm14 View Post
Zeco-pagode, I thought you were brazilian?!
used to live there and dig zeca's music (é por isso que falo português). Good memory ben!

i think i posted a picture a long time ago, lol.
jaime/papillon; i'm hideous, so consider yourselves lucky that i dont post.
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Originally Posted by constantine03 View Post
American born mutt here. A little Irish, Swedish, Native American, etc...nothing that counts as enough to be considered that!
Kayla, this is me almost exactly...except throw in a little Welsh and we've got it. My Native american is only about 1/8, sadly. I don't tan, I catch fire.
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Originally Posted by weasella View Post
<-------That is me. I am a 4th generation Californian, but my heritage is Swedish and Irish. My fiance is Italian, so I can't wait to see what our kids will look like.
So hot! I thought that was a pic of Karolina Kurkova! Post a full pic of you.
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Colibrita! Your kids are so gorgeous! They look like you
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bumpy for new members
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East Indian.
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Ethnicity - Indian and Greek Lineage
Nationality - Uranus
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Chinese-American over here. Happy Lunar New Years by the way!
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reviving the thread....

Nationality: Brazilian
Ethnicity: Dad Peruvian / mom Italian (2nd generation)

I lived in the States for over 7 yeards (1 year english course, 4 years college, 2 years working), but I was born and raised in Brasil.

Hey Pedo, I didnt know u dig Zeca Pagodinho!! He is awesome.
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Nationality: Canadian
Dad:1/2 Ukrainian
Mom: New Zealand

There is also english, german, tasmanian, and one grandpa was 5th generation canadian also
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born & raised in the US
my ethnicity is half panamanian half german. On my panamanian side I'm mixed w/ black & asian... so I'm a little bit of everything.

here's a pic of me next to my mom (who is the panamanian side). Being mixed is a good thing!
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I'm Chinese & Dominican. Born in Santo Domingo and been living in the States since I was 6 years old
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Mom is from Glasgow, Scottland and the padre is from Monterrey, Mexico.
I'm currently the only member of my family without either a Spanish or Scottish accent,

(Nervous kid in the pictures bellow)
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Originally Posted by funfearlessfemale View Post
Half Filipina, half Dutch
hotness. pics?
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Both of my parents are from China. I was born in the US but was raised in Hong Kong by my grandma
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Czech, American Indian, British, German.
I am an American Gypsy.
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Another old thread............
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i know im viet and chinese but i duno if im also part french. my relatives never clarified with me but my gramps say im just a littttle european

born in vietnam raise in US since i was 4 =]
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