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FINALLY got my fleece :) - Page 2

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Lisa, it's not obscenely high, but make sure they aren't irregular or damaged. I wasn't too excited that mine were $10 and I paid $49 shipped for them, but they are reallly comfy and slightly nicer than regular sweats if you feel like venturing out in public without getting all dressed up
After I got mine, I dont' want to pay that much for another pair.
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i believe that unless they are multi, I would pay about 40 I dont want to pay more for regular stitching. Unless they are not marked irr, Thats just me. Most irr have small holes near the seams or near the pockets. I have several pairs in these and I love the multi stitch. The holes are key, even small ones, these are fragile.
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Gah, I caved & got 2 pairs (one in a 26 for when I lose weight & one in a 27 for right now) for about $45 each + shipping .... TR Joey jeans NEVER work for me so I figured maybe the fleece will be a bit better

They look sooo good on BabyJ ....
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You will love them! Rigid joeys never work for me, but stretch do. These fit more like the stretch.
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Where did you get em, Lisa?

I'm mad, mine stretched out. I guess I should have gotten a 25.
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Originally Posted by jessani View Post
Where did you get em, Lisa?

I'm mad, mine stretched out. I guess I should have gotten a 25.

On ebay ... I got one in a size 26 & I'm trying to win another in a size 27. Should I stick to 26 since they stretch out so much? I'll probably end up re-selling one of them anyway :doh:
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I am usually a 26 across the board (sometimes a 25 if something runs big), and I should have stuck with a 25. If you are a 27 across the board, go with a 26, definitely. If you are a 28 mostly, I would get a 27. Evidently they have a reputation for seams splitting if they are too tight, even though they stretch.
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Haahaaa! I just got my size 26 in the mail --- whoo, who the heck was I trying to kid?!

I was a size 26 BEFORE getting preggers so these will have to be sent to closet Narnia until I lose about 20lbs. Maybe the 27's I won today will be better.

They are very nice and comfy though ...
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I think these will end up in the HM --- they really are too small for me & I probably won't lose the weight fast enough.
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