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Who can authenticate Coach?

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I am watching some Coach bags on Ebay but don't want to buy a fake. I heard there are many fakes (what hasn't been faked yet ). Can someone tell fakes from real ones and help me out?
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if ya want to pm me with the auctions i'd be happy to give it a whirl!
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Yeah- I see fakes on ebay all the time that are advertised as authentic. I can try too if you want to PM me.
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Same here.
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always a fabulous community with a ton of experts:

eBay Forums: Shoes, Purses and Fashion Accessories
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Well there are a lot of authentic ones that come from outlets, but they'll likely be more pricier.
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Well, I just bought my first one here on HM, so I am safe as far as that one's concerned. However, I also won one on Ebay and this is the only picture posted

It's not much, uh? But it went for only $15 because the seller forgot to put Coach in the listing, so I jumped on it. I haven't paid yet and he only accepts MO (long story...that went on my nerves too, the listing said he'd do Bidpay )
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It looks good IMO, but you may want to get more input.
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Wow, that was fast.
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