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original burberry
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can i just say...i bought ralph lauren glamorous daylight and I LOVE IT. I got it at tjmaxx b/c its discontinued but i think im gonna go buy like a jazillion more bottles
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ANY Burberry, Vera Wang, Gucci Envy Me, Juicy Couture, Ralph Lauren Blue, Chanel Chance, I have too many bottles of perfume
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oh and i just got versace bright crystal for christmas and i love it, it's my new favourite for now! (along with chanel chance and d&g light blue).

it smells a bit like ysl babydoll, which i also love but never purchased, except that it's less fruity
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I just bought Stella Macartney Sheer for day times... its amazing and great for daytime.
Amor Amor is another favourite of mine.

I love Armani Mania for any business meetings or formal day events, and Armani Code is my new evening perfume.
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Originally Posted by CanadianKLa View Post
Haha I am the odd (wo)man out here. I use JLO STILL! haha but I lovvvvvvvvvvvve it! Everybody is always smelling me... especially guys... if that means anything? hahaha
Funny you should say that, because JLo Glow is the one that I always get compliments on too. People are always really suprised to hear its a JLo brand.
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yeah me and my bf sisters also love the d&G light blue. but my favorite have to be gucci envy me. the FIRST ONE, which is the pink bottle. they came out with ENVY2 and i dont like it haha. but yeah ive gotten compliments on that one too. i dont really like strong scent perfume either and this one is pretty light.

haha i really wanted envy me because the bottle is really cute cause it has little gucci patterns in pink all overr and when my bf got the perfume , i was surprised that i really like the smell as well. =)
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right now I'm loving my Coco Mademoiselle.
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