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favorite perfume?

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i am on the hunt, and need some recommendations! i'm looking for something i can wear out at night, but NOT too strong or old-smelling (i'm in college). TIA!
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Chanel Chance is GREAT
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escada rockin rio is my all time fav!
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My favs are Fresh Memoirs of a Geisha, Kenneth Cole Black, Marc Jacobs and Michael by Michael Kors

The Fresh one is the lightest. Also Maybe Baby by Benefit is really fresh and slightly fruity.

At Nordstroms you can ask for a sample and they will make a decant for you if you want to try it and see how it lasts.
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Be Delicious ~ DKNY
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Ralph Lauren Romance. I'm on my 3rd 3.4 oz bottle
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lolita lempicka
bvlgari pour femme
dior pure poison and pure poison elixer (slight variation of pure poison)
burberry weekend
vera wang princess
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Vera Wang, is nice light and elegant

SJP Lovely is good

I also wear Philosophy's Amazing Grace

RL Turqoise (LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!)

my HG but hard to find is cK Eternity Rose Blush. I ALWAYS get compliments on this one.
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Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely and VS desire
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I Love Dior
Escada Tropical Punch - from 2004 collection though
Nanette Lepore
Moschino Cheap & Chic
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Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl
Ralph Lauren Blue
Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey
Gap Heaven
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i love romance by ralph lauren, it's light but smells wonderful. mmmm
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Nanette Lepore. Either the signature fragrance or Shanghai Butterfly. Very floral and girly.
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one of my current faves is Lovely by SJP
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i have J'adore by Dior and D&G Light Blue...and even though j'adore is more of your typical "nighttime" scent i'm not a big fan of perfumes that are too heavy. I almost always wear the D&G and always have people ask me what scent i'm wearing...it's sort of sweet but fresh at the same time. good luck finding one!
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i second chanel chance
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calvin klein euphoria (my current fave) or ralph by ralph lauren (my all-time favorite)
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LOVE aquolina's Pink Sugar. Also like J'Adore and Hypnotic Poison (i think, it's the one in the red bottle) by Dior.
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Love Anna Sui Secret Wish, but no one else seems to like it
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i LOVE marc jacobs and vs heavenly.
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Calvin Klein Euphoria(lovely), Contradiction, Hypnotic Poison-Dior is nice too.
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Haha I am the odd (wo)man out here. I use JLO STILL! haha but I lovvvvvvvvvvvve it! Everybody is always smelling me... especially guys... if that means anything? hahaha
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I love Chanel's Chance..
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Vera Wang. mmm. it was given to me by my husband for xmas and i love it. worn it every day since! and i've gotten TONS of compliments on it. =)
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Moschino I Love Love

Smells soooooo good! I love it and so does everyone else who smells it! I love citrusy scents though, very refreshing.
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