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Real Groovy Jeans?

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Still searching for the Miss Groovy jeans, over here! Are these real? Anyways, if anyone purchased any in a size 29, dark wash, IRR or regular, please contact me. I'm interested!
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They look suspicious, to me, because the seller is new and outside of the US, but I'd like opinions anyway.
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That pic is real, but seller is spamming in the title, and who knows what the actual item you would receive will look like. The pic is suspicious IMO anyway..seems very familiar to me. Keep looking...Miss Groovy is on sale everywhere...
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Okay, thanks, I may just hit an outlet, sometime, instead. I wish I had gone to the Sample Sale now...sigh. THey probably had Groovys lol.
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hmm there were a bunch of miss groovys (and bobby godivas) at nordstrom rack in sacramento for like 90 bucks. im gonna be in sac a few times in the next few weeks, so if you told me what size youre looking for i can see what theyve got =)
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Oh ! I want some Bobby Godivas !!! Not sure what size b/c I can't seem to get a straight answer if they run small or not....so 27 or 28
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my mistake... make that $120... $90 is how much i bought bleached sammys and C&P issys!
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its my best friends birthday drank session in west sac, so ill probably go early and check out the rack anyway... ill let you know if i see any!
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Thanks! Pleasel et me know if you see any of the dark wash, Groovy, in a size 29! If you do, tell me. I'll probably be able to buy them from you, but not before July, because my dad has me on 'Purchase Probation'. (Still in HS, lol, and not making any money, aside from the Ebay stuff...) anyway, thanks!!!!
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