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SFAM at my Marshalls...

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My Marshalls just got a shipment in of SFAM...they had Dojo bodega bay's in sizes 26, 29.
They had Capri wash gauchos in 30 and 31, they had Annie cropped in medium extreme in 27 and 25. And some random bootcut in NYD and MNE...maybe yours will have some too...
They also had loads of new style diesel and tag jeans. I picked up a pair of tags and they are tooo cute!!!
Hopefully you guys will also get loads of new jeans in at your marshalls!!
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i've never seen a pair at the one by my work. too bad i didn't see this before i went to work, i would've stopped on my way home.
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cool, I'm gonna check out the one close by m house toorrow
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How much were the SFAM? About $80? All I've ever seen at my Marshalls are the boycuts and that's how much they were... I'll have to go see if they got anything new! Dojos would be cool!
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Ya the full length where $79 and the crop and gauchos where $59.
I do not usually see the newer dojos at my marshalls...but today they where there. I was there early this morning so They may still have some if anyone would like me to check... ;o)
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Wow! I guess I'll be checking out Marshall's tomorrow
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There are only Bermuda Bootcuts at mine and they're not marked down yet.
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Im going tomorrow, although they never have anything at mine, but wont hurt, you never know!
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I'm gonna have to check mine this weekend! Thanks for the info!
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Which Marshalls did you go to in AZ? I am going to check the one in Desert Ridge this weekend and see if they have any there.
~ Jess
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Nice! I'm going right across the street in a few minutes to Albertsons (in Hillsboro, OR) so I am DEF. going to check that out! I will report back if there are any SFAM jeans....Or anything else report-worthy
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So I was just at Marshalls and no luck finding any SFAM...or any other good brands for that matter! I asked and the girl there told me they get shipments of stuff in like every day though, so I just might have to keep checking back every day! Good thing Marshalls is like 2 miles from my house, lol
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