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Juicy bags

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Which Juicy bags include dustbags, just the leather ones? I ordered two bags this month, a daydreamer and velour baby fluff, neither had dustbags (I got them through Adasa and Saks, looked like it was packaged by Juicy). I wished they had dustbags for the velour ones bc my black one looks like it can get nasty pretty fast if left out...
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I believe the small barrel bags come with dustbags and most leather ones do. My juicy bag that is a fluffy didn't come with one either.
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My daydreamer didnt get a dustbag either.
Bought it at Bloomingdales.
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oh wow, that's weird that they didnt come with a dustbag. the only juicy bag i had was a leather one and that came with a dustbag.

did you check inside the bags to make sure it wasnt stuffed inside? my dustbag was inside my bag when I received it. you know what works as dustbags? pillowcases! =P
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After I bought my bag from the Juicy store, I called back the store when I got home. The lady I spoke to said that the one I bought shouldn't have came with one. I like the pillowcase idea!
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^ ugh that sucks Anna!! was it a leather fluffy? yea and with a pillowcase, you can decorate it to your liking
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No I wanted the leather one soooo bad. I should have got it! I ended up with the velour one.
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My superstar hobo had a dustcover. My dog carrier did not (Shameless plug---It's for sale in HM!!). I saw a mini barrel in store that had a cover and a small pouchette that had one too.
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