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my new marc jacobs bag :) :) :)

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okay, so it's not marc jacobs, its MARC by marc jacobs, but nevertheless. it's the tina turnlock tote.
this is what i got for my 21st birthday.
and, i found some matching coach shoes, with the gold turnlock and all.
i'm in love!
this is my first real designer bag (aside from a vintage gucci bag of my grandma's) so it's kinda exciting for me and i think i'll get lots of use out of it!

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Oh, I like it! very versatile!
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Congrats Allison!! What a great first designer bag, the leather on the totally turnlock line is sooo fabulous!

And I love the shoes too!
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Its gorgeous Congrats!
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Yes-the leather is INCREDIBLE, it's like butter. And its fabric-lined, so the bag is super lightweight, its just perfect!
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so pretty and the shoes look awesome with the bag!!
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that's a very nice bag. congrats!
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marc by marc jacobs have some gorgeous bags at a great price point. i love it your new bag... it's beautiful!
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great everyday bag! very versatile
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I love this bag too! I debated between this or the bowler and ended up with the latter. Don't you just loooove the leather?
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^^It is so so soft!! I have to say, even though I paid full retail for this (about $450 with tax..or rather my parents paid full retail, as it was for my b-day ) I think it is a good price for the quality of the bag. I mean...I would paid 3x or 4x for a regular Marc Jacobs bags, and yes those are beautiful, but this is just as lovely!
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congrats! that's a very nice bag!!! it looks so versatile and looks like it can hold a lotta things (which is what i look for in a bag). i can't bother with those dainty tiny little things that my best friend loves to carry (lv accessories pouch???). i wouldn't even be able to fit the lv accessories pouch on my shoulder if i had a jacket on!
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i've been drooling over that bag for months but things like tuition and my dog's vet bills are preventing me from getting it I want it in Yam though.
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ohh that is so pretty, congrats! i've been trying to decide which bag i should get next and this one is going on my list!
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Congratulations on your first designer bag purchase. That's a great bag, by the way.
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