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lizlikeshugs; because of you! i might have to save up for a b.bag!
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wow, you guys are so incredibly LUCKY!
I super want a Chanel purse...Im hoping to get one on my highschool europe trip (comin up this march! woohoo)... Ive only got Betsey johnsons, coach, Juicys, and Guess......how pathetic compared to all of these collections!
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I need more bags I am so jealous
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im reviving this thread since i got bored and i just finished my last final today.. so yay!

this is my current collection after i just sold off two of my marc by marc bags

Coach: Black leather pleated hobo, pink sig hobo, turnlock wallet, black miniskinny, beige wristlet, pink tie dye wristlet, Gucci: large hobo and wallet, Bulga medium gold butterfly hobo

Marc Jacobs: small vintage bag (i have no idea what it's called), zip clutch in cherry blossom, black blake w/silver hardware, tapioca blake w/gold hardware, rose quartz large multipocket, Marc by Marc Jacobs: Luxy leather brown danielle hobo, white viva la val zip satchel, softy hobo in chicory, totally turnlock bowler in yam, random beach bag, and a gwen stefani for lesportsac lamb hobo.

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Very nice. What is the white bag with the two front pockets? I love it! (I am just too lazy to dig through and figure it out)
Or is it TAPIOCA blake?
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it's the Marc Jacobs blake in tapioca!
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great collection heatfelt!! i lovee the variety!
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Here's my small collection. I'm still in college and I usually have to hide my bags from my parents (they don't approve of spending more than $30 for a bag). I started last year with a damier speedy and haven't stopped since...


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^ woahhh you acquired all that in a year?!! very impressive!!! aww seeing your girly is making me miss mine's!
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The two Coach ones were given, but the rest I bought. Instead of buying clothes I've just been buying bags =)
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I have officially just fallen in love with that owl bag!!!
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Wow, nice collections everyone! I may have to take a pic. of mine and post here, but I must warn everyone, I am a Louis Vuitton girl....
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Heres my collection!
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forgot these
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^ Thanks! Cant get enough Louis!!
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Hi everyone!! I'm new to this site and I'm on here because i recently had my Marc Jacobs Blake bag in Tapioca stolen from me!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm trying desperately to find a new one, but since it's an old color, it's virtually impossible. Does anyone know where last season's bags can still be found?? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thank you!!
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I would try ebay, purseforum, or put the bag into your wishlist thread on HF

I am sorry to hear that your bag got stolen
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thank you!!! I have been looking on ebay (which i hate!!). I'm scared of getting ripped off. thanks for the advice!!
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There are some awesome ladies at the Purseforum which will help you out, or knows how to guide you in the right direction
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This is my little purse collection. I would like a BBag, Gucci, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and more purses but I am unable to work right now to buy more bags because of a 48 hr/week workload I do love Juicy Couture

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^^I like your pink Louis
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LisaLisa, great collection!!
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^^Thank you! I'm dying for some more bags right now
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^I think we're all dying for more bags
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