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My new hair!

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Ignore the toilet in the background...

For those of you who remember how short it was in my old HF avatar (like 2-3" long in a super-short pixie cut)...you can see how much it's grown.
Now with red highlights!

i know i'm dressed like a dork (i had a horseback riding lesson right before my hair appointment) but pretend I'm not! I'm also not wearing makeup (eek!)

What do you think?
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love it! your hair really has grown! Your going to love the highlights!
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I love it!!
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I it I think it's beautiful! I love the pieces and the color!
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I love it!
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It looks awesome, Jess
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I love it!!!
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soooooo cute!!!! I love the cut and the color looks great. It looks sooo silky! That is the kind of cut I want to do in the Spring, but with a long bang


In fact, I am saving these pics to my computer, so I can print then for later, I really love it!
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Soooo pretty...good choice going with the red!!
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Red is the best!
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The color suits you perfectly, very very nice!
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oh my gosh, it looks so cute, the highlights are so hip
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LOVE LOVE LOVE the highlights!!! Very pretty!
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WOOOW! Absolutely beautiful! Love the colors, and it looks so healthy. Congrats hun.
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Thanks guys!
I'm glad I took pictures...cuz I will never get it too look that perfect again! My stylist has the magic touch with the round brush & dryer.
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Love it!!! It loos so soft, silky and full, like it has a ton of movement! Great cut and color!
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Wow, I missed this thread. You look gorgeous Jess. I love the highlights. I use to put red highlights in too but they would fade so fast. I am so lazy when it comes to my hair. It was too much trouble for me . Maybe I should do it again ? At least it would hide my greys
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i love love love it! it gives your hair lots of definition and looks so great
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Love that style!! And I love Red
If I were to go short, I would like something like that....
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U r not dressed like a dork!!!! I like your shirt!
The hair is great... I love the color and the cut is awesome!!
Looking good girl!
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