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My belly button had problems healing too, and it was all red and irritated for awhile. All of the sudden a small bump developed (I'm not sure if it was ever really a keloid, but I ended up with a keloid scar on my ear from a different piercing, no fun I'm telling you, I just can't heal piercings!) and the pierching migrated to the right. The bump went down, but the piercing didn't heal straight! It was really weird actually, for the longest time it would NOT heal and all of the sudden it migrated like 1mm to the right and healed right away.

I took the piercing out because I hated the fact it didn't hang straight. About a year later I went back to a (different) piercer to see if he could do anything about it because I missed the piercing but he said there was too much scar tissue :[ He said eventually the scar tissue will break down (and to use tea tree oil to help speed it along) but I should not try to repierce until it's ready.