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what's the most and least you've put on a debit/credit card? - Page 2

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Originally Posted by jetta_07 View Post
I work as a cashier and I dont really see why any cashier would give you a dirty look, as its the company who is losing money and not them. I ring up 25 cent - $1 things all the time and I dont think twice about it b/c i use my card most of the time as well. I do have customers apologize to me for using their card for small purchases and I always wonder why they are apologizing b/c its easier for me to stand there and let them swipe their card than it would be for me to open the drawer and count change back to them.
I am so used to my stores liberal policy that i didnt even think about it when i wanted to get some copies and the guy was like "a credit card for twelve cents worth of copies, you've got to be kidding me"
For .12, they are almost certainly losing money on the transaction because the card costs more to run

I work as a cashier sometimes as one of my many part-time jobs and I always think about the transaction fee whenever someone runs a card for a transaction under $5. It's just one of those little facts that I can't help but be reminded of, and while I most certainly hope I am not giving rude looks () it does kind of matter in the sense that most companies have to account for that fee while pricing stuff (why everyone prefers cash!!) so it makes everything more expensive. I'm terrible with economic theory, but does this, in effect, make cash less vaulable?

Like if you buy a drink and it's $1. You pay with cash, store gets $1. You pay with a credit card, and store only nets in 70 cents.

On a side note, I suppose that working as a cashier allows me to see how terrible credit card debt can be... I have people come through my line who get their cards denied or will talk to me about how they opened a store card and then maxed it out and are still trying to pay it back. And then sometimes people who owe thousands in debt will come in but just make the minimum payments each month. Not something I ever want to get myself into.
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the most i've charged was probably close to $1400 (can't remember the exact amount) for my laptop.

the least? i honestly don't recall... but certainly not less than $3. i usually have enough cash on me to cover anything $20 and under. i always have cash on me because you never know when you'll need it!

oh yeah... just thought i'd mention this, but my aunt owns a small donut shop, and she only accepts cash. she used to accept checks, but people were dishonest and wrote bad checks, so she stopped. she still runs a pretty good business, and has lots of regular customers. every now and then new customers will gripe about her not accepting cc, but she'll explain to them about the fees they'll charge her to accept cards. and you know donuts are super cheap... a medium coffee and donut to go costs less than $2.
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I use my debit alot also, but I usually have at least 10 bucks in my wallet for little stuff.

However, when i go out in a group of friends for dinner or drinks I always carry cash.... it drives me NUTS when you go out w/ say 4 people and everyone wants to split the bill four ways to pay theirs on their card. I don't know why it bugs me so much but it does. I always feel bad for the waitress having to split the bill's just b/c people don't have cash.
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Debit card = all of my spending
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I have put .51 cents before and the most I have put was plane tickets to europe. I don't carry cash. If I do I always waste it on worthless sh*t.
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my brother wrote a check for 23 cents to print out some paper. lols
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Originally Posted by fr4nkst3r View Post
see.. but that's the kinda isht that gets you in trouble.. lol

"i'll charge it.." and that goes on a bill.. and you have to pay that off..
If you are financially responsible that is not an issue. I pay off all my credit cards at the end of the month (except the 0% interest ones - I put the payment in a high-yield savings account instead).

My Amex is actually a CHARGE card, which means you get a monthly bill of all your purchases like a credit card, but you have to pay all of it off.

The least I ever charged? Maybe my starbucks coffee for $2. The most I ever charged at once was about $4500. I got a call from my credit card's fraud department shortly afterward. (I had to use a card that I rarely use because the place didn't take my Amex).
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Least- .50 cents- probably candy... can remember

Most- $1,669- plane tickets

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